Hair loss does not discriminate and can therefore affect people from all backgrounds and ethnicities, and increasingly, of all ages. The more stressful and pollutant-filled our world becomes, apparently the more people start losing their hair from a younger age.

For men in their forties or fifties, no-one would look twice if they announced that a hair transplant was on the cards. It’s such a normal, everyday cosmetic procedure now that it’s really not that big a deal. But what about a man in his twenties? Or his late teens? Bet that would raise an eyebrow or two.

Young balding man

The reality is that hair loss may affect your appearance more significantly as you age, but the emotional impact on the young cannot be overstated. It’s one thing going bald later on in life, but how about losing your hair while you’re at university, or even before then? Believe me it happens all the time, and it leads many people to ask, how young is too young?

Shouldn’t these men have the same options as their older counterparts? They are after all, adults, and capable of making their own informed choices. Plus in most countries in the world there is no law to forbid procedures for the over 18’s, or the over 16’s in some cases. The answer to this question depends on the individual, their emotional condition and their understanding of the implications of such a procedure.

A hair transplant, although straightforward when completed by a skilled Vinci Hair Clinic surgeon, remains a major procedure and consequently an important judgment call by both the individual concerned, and our team. We always act in our clients best interests, therefore the criteria we look for when assessing suitability for surgery, particularly amongst our younger clients, are as follows:

  • Does the client have a full appreciation of the importance of their decision?
  • Do they understand the risks and implications involved?
  • Are they sound of mind and capable of making a rational decision?
  • Do they really need a hair transplant?
  • Is surgery likely to have any adverse effect on their life in the long term?
  • Would alternative options be more suitable?

Provided we are happy that the client knows what they are doing, and that surgery is in their best interest, we are usually happy to proceed subject to the laws and minimum age restrictions that exist in the relevant country.

Aside from applicable laws, we do not believe that your age should decide whether or not you can have hair transplant surgery, but is just one of a number of factors on which we assess the suitability of surgery as per your requirements.

Are you too young for a hair transplant?