One of the very best things about Vinci hair transplant clinics – apart from the excellent service, expert practitioners, and fantastic value for money – is that they can be found across the globe. From Spain to Brazil, from Dubai to the UK, and in many other places too, you can discover the benefits and relief of a great hair transplant at exceptional prices and with superb results.

When you check out our user friendly website, you’ll find out exactly where our clinics are located – and you can then make a choice as to exactly where you want your procedure to be carried out. Find the right place for you to make your initial appointment, to discuss the options available to you, and to ask all the questions you need to know the answers to before you are happy to continue. We’ll be there for you, wherever you choose. And once your first meeting is over, and you know which procedure to go for, your trusted hair transplant expert will be able to either book you in for your transplant, or refer you to a clinic that can carry out the procedure for you. Either way, you’ll be in safe hands with Vinci.


If you love to travel, you can combine your life changing hair transplant with the trip of a lifetime, sightseeing and enjoying what the world has to offer, as well as knowing you have booked a safe, secure, and ultimately satisfying procedure as well. If you prefer to stay close to home then there is sure to be a clinic close to you that can give you everything you need.

A hair transplant is a big step in your goal to becoming the person you know you need to be. There is no point in rushing it, in going to a clinic that you’re not happy with, that you don’t feel comfortable with. That’s why our clinics all offer the same exceptional service, from initial consultation through to procedure, whether it is all done in one place or whether you use two different clinics to get the ultimate in great looking hair.

Where Is Your Nearest Clinic?