Finding a good establishment to treat balding is easy when there is a good track record to lead the way. Client feedback is perhaps the best method to confirm if a clinic is in fact performing as advertised. Not only do they offer an impartial assessment on a procedure a potential patient is considering, they can also provide an added push toward finally undergoing a treatment. Being able to readily access this information might be difficult if the facility is not really known. The case is different however, when it has been featured on different media platforms many times over.

Hair Transplant Manchester

Vinci Hair Clinic is one such establishment that has garnered enough attention to be written about and shown on Channel 5, BBC, Men’s Health and the Daily Mail among others. It has been able to successfully provide its services to address the hair loss conditions of its clientele. They have branches all over the world for the added convenience of their patrons who require consultation about their hair loss condition. The Manchester branch is perhaps the best place to receive information about hair transplants in the district. A qualified expert in the field of hair loss carries out these discussions. They provide a better understanding of the different sets of treatments that Vinci Hair Clinic can offer such as follicular unit transplantation, follicular unit extraction, eyebrow transplants and the trademarked Vinci Max Hair Transplant among others.

A follicular unit transplantation method requires that a strip of skin be removed from the back of the scalp to be divided into smaller grafts. These are to be implanted into the balding areas each containing anywhere between one to four hair follicles. This type of treatment is best for large areas of hair loss. It would take only about four to six hours to complete and can create the most density in such a short amount of time.

For a less invasive technique, the follicular unit extraction method is performed to provide coverage for smaller balding areas. It directly extracts hair follicles from the donor area and implants them unto the required locations. This method gives the patient the freedom to move about a few days after the procedure. It allows them to recover faster and is practically scar-free. This may also be used for larger cases of hair loss though additional sessions may be required.

The Vinci Max Hair Transplant technique is a combination of both the follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction methods. It is an operation that is carried out only by the clinic’s highly experienced medical staff that requires two to three days to complete. This is a special procedure involving a more distinctive approach, tools and medication developed to provide the best service for its clientele.

The Manchester clinic is located at Piccadilly House along 49 Piccadilly. This convenient site is easy to find and is able to service clients coming from far and wide as it is very accessible with the use of public transportation. Having a hair loss condition properly diagnosed is the first step toward finding the applicable remedy to address it. The Manchester clinic can certainly offer the best advice and provide a better understanding on the reason why a type of balding occurs. The qualified physician conducting the consultation will also give an in depth discussion about the operation recommended to use for treatment. Any concerns and questions regarding the procedure are to be adequately addressed during this session.

All the hair transplant procedures are conducted at the Manchester clinic that carries them out in a fully licensed hospital with the Quality Care Commission. Each case is professionally handled with the utmost discretion and consideration. Patients are able to relax comfortably in a friendly atmosphere that is conducive for treatment.

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