The UK hit series the only way is Essex spot beautiful people with a bit of glitch and glamour and just for the fun we wanted to take a closer look at some of the hairlines and characters in the series.

Mark Wright – Looking at Mark he could be a Norwood I-II, he has started to recede a little bit at the front but still manages to maintain a very good head of hair and style it in such a way that people don’t notice it to much.

He could definitely benefit with some medication, probably Propecia to stop further hair loss and maintain what he has, if he wanted he looks like he has a good quality donor area so the hairline could be brought back with one day in our surgical centre in Harley street or in our Marbella centre on the Costa del Sol.

So Mark, there you have it, if you want to save your hair and get your hairline back get in touch with the Vinci Hair clinic and we will sort you out.

Kirk Norcross – Looking at Kirk its difficult to tell if he is starting to experience hair loss, it looks like he has a strong hairline and all in good order but it would help to know if there is history of baldness in the family to see where things are going.

James ‘Arg’ Argent  – What can we say, the guy just has one of the best hairlines you can imagine and overall he will be our favorite candidate for the hairline of the year award, absolutely brilliant hair even though he could relax on the hair gel just a bit, great hair James.

The only way is Essex, do the characters really need a hair transplant