The 17th annual meeting of the ISHRS was a great event for the medical team at Vinci Hair Clinic to continue their continuous learning and hear from their colleagues on our favourite subject, hair restoration and hair transplants.

Topics discussed at the meeting included:

  • how to refine hair transplants,
  • how to diagnose female suitability for a hair transplant,
    how to work towards a virtually scar free hair transplant procedure using Trichophytic Closure,
  • FUE vs. strip hair transplants,
  • Megasession Vs Gigasession,

These where only a few among many other interesting subjects related to hair loss and hair transplants. Over 500 physicians and surgical assistants from all over the world attended the meeting.

Our hair transplant specialist and at Vinci Hair Clinic Madrid was very happy with the meeting “its always good to meet up with other specialists in the field of hair restoration and share experiences with them, Vinci Hair Clinic has set the bar very high for continuous development and we work hard to offer the worlds best service in hair transplantation and attending these meetings is one of the ways to do that.”

Vinci Hair clinic at the ISHRS (International society of hair restoration)