We are sad to have to announce that we will no longer be operating a surgical clinic in Madrid and the clinic in Calle Juan Alvares Mendizabal has been closed. We still offer Micropigmentation and hair transplant consultations in Madrid for both old and new clients in the capital.

It has come to our understanding that this has caused confusion so we want to make it very clear that Dr Juan Ruiz and Miriam Garcia Preckler have no further association with the Vinci Medical Group and the Vinci Hair Clinic.  We wish them all the best in their new careers but they do not represent us in any way and we cannot recommend them or endorse in any way.

Our surgical centre in Malaga offers free accommodation for those patients that have to travel for their surgeries so take advantage of that and book your surgery with Vinci Hair Clinic, the true leader in hair transplants.

Vinci Hair Clinic closes its surgical centre in Madrid