Vinci Hair Clinic introduces the Graft Max digital microscopic dissection to the field of hair transplants in 2011 changing the rules of the game once again with innovation and better practices.  The Graft Max method takes graft preparation to a whole new level with much larger magnification than before known in hair transplants and far superior to traditional loops or stereo microscopes.

The Vinci medical team has followed the improvements of graft dissections from cutting with the naked eye to magnifying loops and then to more traditional research microscopes.  Each improvement has made the number of usable grafts per square centimeter better but now we have taken this development a step further with the Graft Max microscopic graft dissection for hair transplants. The Graft Max dissection uses more powerful microscopes that are connected directly to a large computer screen for each hair transplant technician, the advantages are that the graft becomes over 10 times bigger then using the popular Mantis microscopes that used to be the golden standard in hair dissections, graft survival rate is higher and overall results therefore far superior.


From the hair transplant technicians point of view this is also a improvement as his eyesight and posture is protected, the grafts are much larger and therefore don’t strain the eyes and cutting directly looking at the screen rather than staring down at the grafts for hours removes the tension on the neck and back of the hair transplant technicians which all helps in keeping the assistants at their peak state during the surgery and hence allowing for more hairs to be extracted in each surgery.

Vinci Graft Max digital microscopic dissection