Sometimes, middle-aged men have to deal with multiple issues at the same time and one of the most problematic is that of hair loss. Between their late 30s and early 50s, most men start to experience balding if they haven’t done so already, and the realisation that this is happening can be pretty difficult to cope with.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are not solutions when it comes to hair loss and even hair regeneration.

The solutions vary in complexity and availability, the latter factor being usually ruled by one’s budget. Pills and lotions can be quite cheap and for about $1-$2 per day, you can get a Propecia or Finasteride treatment that slows down hair loss in some cases.

Kevin Costner had hair transplant surgery in 2006 or 2007

However if you want to take more direct action, a hair transplant procedure might be your best option. This is something that a lot of Hollywood stars are doing and most of the time, it’s pretty obvious when they do it, even if they are not willing to admit they have had some work done.

Kevin Costner is one of those Hollywood celebrities who at some point in the past, showed up with a much better hairline than what he had before. There were many speculations about this at the time and the theories have cooled off since then.

However one thing is for sure. Costner had a discreet meeting with a surgeon at some point in the past and that doctor did a really good job. He looks great, much to the merit of the doctor.

Kevin Costner was always destined to remain a good looking man, regardless of his age. The bald patch on his crown did nothing to impede this look, but Costner considered that something had to be done. His hairline has been improved after the hair transplant and he managed to preserve it pretty well up to now.

Costner most likely had his hair transplant somewhere between late 2006 and early 2007, as photographs adorning the pages of celebrity gossip magazines in 2008 displayed a thick head of hair that he previously lacked. More than six years has passed since then and Costner’s appearance has not changed, showing very little sign of shedding, a testament to the high quality work completed by his chosen surgeon.

The real story behind Kevin Costner’s hair transplant surgery