Once you have decided that you definitely, absolutely want to have a hair transplant (congratulations, you have made a wise choice when it comes to gaining your looks and your confidence back) then it is essential that you do your research regarding the clinic you go to.

Remember: you do not have to go to the clinic that is the closest. Hunt around for the one that will suit you best not just in terms of location, but also in terms of giving you the best result. It may be more convenient to travel a few minutes up the road, but if the clinic that will serve you best is located a few hours away, for example, then surely it is worth the extra travelling time and expense to get the ideal result?


Researching clinics is as simple as searching online in many cases – there will be reviews, opinions, before and after photos, testimonials… All of these are excellent ways of discovering more about the clinic and surgeon you might be considering. Once you have found two or three surgeons who you feel will do the job you want them to do, then next step is to talk to them. Having a face to face discussion about the procedure you want them to do and the results you want to gain from it will give you an extra insight into who you want to work on your hair transplant.

You will also need to find a surgeon who is an expert in your skin type – this is especially important if you have black or Asian skin since this differs from Caucasian skin in its texture, and means that different techniques may have to be used.

And don’t go for a clinic just because they have fancy advertising that offers everything and gives nothing. The best clinics are those who gain much of their customers through word of mouth.

The Importance of Finding A Good Clinic