Vinci Hair Clinic invites you to discover our scientifically advanced hair restoration treatments at our Hampshire hair loss clinic. We offer superior hair loss solutions including hair transplants, scalp micropigmentation and laser therapy, and are world renown for our consistence in quality and results.

Vinci Hair Clinic in Southampton, UK

Vinci Hair Transplant SouthamptonPresent in 30 locations across the globe, Vinci Hair Clinic are leaders in hair restoration and have helped thousands of hair loss sufferers to transform their appearance. We are delighted to offer our services to those living in the county of Hampshire at our Southampton hair loss clinic.

Hair Restoration Clinic in Hampshire

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we have a deep understanding of how upsetting hair loss can be and are dedicated to offering effective, permanent hair restoration treatments. We are experts in treating common conditions such as male pattern balding, patchy growth, alopecia and scarring on the scalp with tailored hair loss solutions. Our long list of satisfied clients includes men and women from all walks of life, who describe our hair restoration treatments as life-changing, rejuvenating and confidence boosting. If you are based in Hampshire, and seeking help with your hair loss concerns, look no further – Vinci Hair Clinic have the solution for you.

Hair Loss Treatments in Hampshire, Southampton

Vinci Hair Clinic is proud to introduce our hair restoration treatments, including our FUE and FUT hair transplants, to the south coast of England. Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplants and Follicular Unit Transfer hair transplants are specialist procedures performed by our highly trained medical team. Safe and minimally invasive, Vinci hair transplants are an outpatient procedure and have a short healing period. During hair transplant treatments, hair is removed from the donor area, prepared into grafts and placed into areas of hair loss. The results that we can achieve are spectacular, completely natural looking and undetectable once the new hair has grown in. An option available for clients with more advanced hair loss or balding is our Vinci Max hair transplants. Vinci Max uses a combination of FUE and FUT hair transplants in order to obtain more grafts and a greater level of coverage. In some cases, Vinci Hair Clinic clients may like to complement their hair transplants with other hair restoration treatments such as scalp micropigmentation.

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Free Hair Transplant Consultation in Hampshire

Are you wondering whether hair transplants will solve your hair loss worries? Do you want to know more about getting a hair transplant surgery in Hampshire? A free and no obligation with Vinci Hair Clinic Hampshire (Southampton) will answer all of your questions. We believe that successful hair restoration treatments begin with knowing you and understanding your goals for hair restoration. During your free hair transplant consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic Hampshire, our experts will examine your condition and discuss what you’d like to achieve from hair restoration treatment. Then we’ll offer personalised advice regarding your suitability for hair transplants, scalp micropigmentation or medical treatment.

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If you are ready to take your first step towards hair restoration, then why not book a free hair restoration consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic Hampshire? Arranging your consultation couldn’t be easier – simply complete our online contact form, or call us on 020 300 494 84. We look forward to meeting you and showing you how our hair restoration treatments can enhance your appearance.

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