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Vinci Hair Clinic is delighted to bring superior hair restoration solutions, including FUT and FUE hair transplants, to São Paulo city. As vibrant capital of São Paulo state and region with the highest population in South America, it was a natural choice for Vinci to establish a base there. Vinci Hair Clinic has two dedicated hair restoration clinics in São Paulo city. One of the hair transplant centres is located in Alphaville and the other is in Brooklin, ensuring that residents of São Paulo and those coming from further afield enjoy complete convenience when attending Vinci Hair Clinic. Both hair restoration clinics in São Paulo are easily accessible by public transport, as well as Guarulhos and Campinas airports.

Vinci Hair Clinic in Alphaville and Brooklin, São Paulo, maintain outstanding quality of care and are dedicated to transforming their client’s appearances with excellent, natural-looking results.

With two hair transplant clinics in São Paulo, it couldn’t be easier to get information about hair transplants and undergo hair restoration treatment. Vinci’s central Brooklin hair transplant clinic is located in the Capital Corporate Offices skyscraper, close to the Shopping Morumbi mall and with great transport links nearby. The Micro Scalp Pigmentation clinic in Alphaville is located within the Medic Life Building, a unique19-storey facility with amenities including a landing strip, day hospital, gym and pharmacy.

Vinci Hair Clinic Brooklin and Vinci Hair Clinic Alphaville have been designed with the premium facilities that you would expect from the international leaders in hair restoration including a digital microscopic dissection area where grafts are prepared for hair transplants, private surgical rooms and a Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment room.

Vinci Hair Clinic are innovators in the hair restoration field, and were the first clinic to offer the minimally invasive and virtually scar-free FUE Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplants in Brazil. Vinci Hair Clinic’s Alphaville and Brooklin São Paulo treatment centres also offer FUT Follicular Unit Transplant hair transplants and Vinci Max, for those with advanced stage hair loss. We pride ourselves in our hair transplant results being perfectly natural-looking, and of course permanent. Visit our  client result page to see how our procedures are not only transforming our client’s appearances but also boosting their self-esteem.

Along with hair transplant surgery, Vinci Hair Clinic’s São Paulo range of hair restoration solutions include medical, non-surgical and alternative options for men and women. From minoxidil and finasteride to LLLT therapy and the revolutionary Vinci Micro Scalp Pigmentation, there is a treatment for everyone at Vinci.

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Vinci Hair Clinic – São Paulo – Alphaville
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Vinci Hair Clinic – São Paulo – Brooklin
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