Welcome to Vinci Hair Clinic San DiegoAt Vinci Hair Clinic in San Diego, California, we specialize in offering effective and high quality treatments for hair loss caused by male pattern balding, alopecia or scarring on the scalp. We are renown for our excellence in service and professionalism, as well as the outstanding results we achieve. Our hair and scalp clinic in San Diego is just one of our extensive network of Vinci Hair Clinics, with treatment centers throughout the USA, Europe and Australia.

San Diego Hair Restoration Clinic

Vinci Hair Clinic San DiegoVinci Hair Clinic San Diego is conveniently located in the city’s popular West Downtown neighborhood. We are close to Interstates 5 & 8, making the hair and scalp clinic handy for San Diego residents and those living outside the city.

Clients coming to us from outside of California will also find us easy to get to, as we are just 5 minutes from San Diego Airport. The hair loss clinic is close to amenities and many top San Diego tourist attractions, and we can provide assistance in finding accommodation in the area, if required.

Hair Loss Treatments in San Diego

Vinci Hair Clinic are world leaders in hair restoration, with a reputation for providing superior hair loss solutions. Along with FUE and FUT hair transplants, and Vinci Max hair transplants, we have developed an advanced technique called scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp Micropigmentation San Diego

Vinci Hair Clinic is delighted to bring our exclusive scalp micropigmentation to San Diego, California. Scalp micropigmentation is one of our most popular hair restoration treatments, and suitable for clients who don’t want hair transplants. Our results speak for themselves, with a growing list of men and women around the world already enjoying the boost in confidence that Vinci hair loss treatments have given them.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Vinci scalp micropigmentation is a technique which allows us to disguise areas of thinning hair and baldness by applying pigment to the scalp. You may see some beauty salons offering scalp tattoos or hair tattoos in San Diego, but these are not the same as scalp micropigmentation. At Vinci Hair Clinic San Diego, we use a precise technique, as well as specialist equipment and pigment to perform your treatment. Our skilled hair loss technicians design the procedure to suit your individual features as well as the desired outcome. The results are provide subtle coverage with the effect of short shaved hair growth, are completely natural looking and permanent.

Free Hair Loss Consultation in San Diego

At Vinci Hair Clinic San Diego, we take a personalised approach to your hair restoration journey. We will be supporting you every step of the way, starting with a free hair loss consultation. During your consultation at our hair and scalp clinic in San Diego, we will analyse your condition, discuss your hair loss history and offer tailored advice on your treatment options. This is the ideal opportunity to ask any questions you have about scalp micropigmentation and hair transplants, so that you can decide if our hair loss treatments are right for you.

Whether you are starting to notice hair loss for the first time, or have already tried many methods to treat balding, the hair loss experts at Vinci Hair Clinic San Diego can help. You can arrange your private hair restoration consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic San Diego by calling 1 844 948 4624 or completing our online contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you, and guiding you through your personal journey to hair restoration.

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