Choosing to have a hair transplant procedure is a major decision for anyone, but for those in the public eye it’s an even bigger consideration. Not only will infinitely more people know about it and scrutinise their new appearance, but they are effectively putting their career and reputation on the line too.

Imagine then, if you were one of the world’s biggest and most adored celebrities. Salman Khan, one of the all-time Bollywood legends, has arguably more fans than any other celebrity in the world right now, including Hollywood A-Listers. He is literally adored and worshipped in India. Men want to be him, and women want…….., well, you get the idea.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s procedure is widely regarded as one of the best examples of a successful hair transplant

Well known individuals like Salman have done much to raise awareness of the possibilities made available by hair transplant surgery. With their lives documented on camera and in gossip magazines, websites and social media, even the slightest change in their appearance can cause a surge of public interest, especially when the individual concerned is as prolific as Salman Khan.

Salman was noted as having a receding hairline back in 2002. As the years progressed, his recession became more pronounced and Khan eventually shaved his head.

In 2005 a photograph was published online showing Salman with a hair transplant scar at the back of his head, a scar consistent with a FUT procedure. It was later revealed that he received a botched hair transplant in India in 2003, and flew to Dubai in 2007 to have the work corrected by an unnamed American doctor.

Khan appears to have gone through several waves of these transfers, such that by 2013 recent photos show a re-lowered hairline and the return of a full head of front hair. It’s even possible that Salman integrated some synthetic hair in with the natural follicles to create a fuller look, not that we’d recommend this option however as it can cause severe scalp damage and infection.

if you believe the gossip, it is reported that Salman spent around 150,000 Indian Rupees on his first hair transplant. It may sound a lot, but its actually less than €2000 (Euros). No doubt the clinic that performed the procedure was hoping to enjoy publicity following the procedure, although the clinic itself was never mentioned in mass media despite intense speculation, and given the botched results achieved the first time around, the clinic is most likely keen to remain unnamed.

Salman Khan and hair transplant surgery – what you DIDN’T know!