Is it safe to add contraceptives to shampoo? The desire to find a permanent solution to hair loss can lead to unreliable solutions. Patients tend to try to find alternatives that can end up worsening your condition and also represent a waste of money. One such initiative is the use of contraceptives to shampoo you use regularly. Then the question: Is it safe to add contraceptives to shampoo is answered here.

Once a person notices hair loss excessively, go to the nearest sources of information, including forums and chats are on the web, where the initiative has become one of the most recommended home remedies. However, it is prudent to consult a specialist who can actually deliver appropriate treatment considering the biological condition of the patient.

In addition to this home remedy, discussing alternatives such as apple cider vinegar, coconut milk, rinse carrots, etc.. Although the use of some of these natural products are not denied supplement to stop hair loss, many people make incorrect combinations of these products and can end up abusing your scalp.

Not recommended by specialists

While some people say they have used this home remedy and obtained great results, such as decreased hair loss while this becomes more bulky and strong, others explain that observed no change after adding birth control pills to shampoo.

In any case, doctors and specialists in hair treatments for hair loss has not made an official recommendation on this method. The premise of this treatment indicates that the high amount of these pills that contain oestrogen can stop hair loss. However, dermatologists explain that has not been scientifically proven penetration of oestrogen in the human body through the skin.

Although the effect of oestrogen on androgen itself is known by doctors, is in doubt that it can really penetrate the scalp managed in this way, because it applies to, not internal topical level.

So to remedy that this can actually have a probable effect, it would dilute the pills in a water-alcohol solution and apply it beyond the superficial layers of the skin. The latter has side effects for the patient, as has been shown with drugs such as Finasteride and Dutasteride.

Prevent damaging consequences

Although this treatment has no direct impact, because oestrogen never really transcends the layers of skin, it is best to not choose this remedy for hair loss and select a professional and with greater assurance of effective method.

The option explained above, which consists in applying the alcohol solution with oestrogen, may provide some improvements, but has side effects that could not be controlled with other drugs; therefore, this initiative is not recommended. In conclusion, never hurts the advice of a specialist, if the person still wishes to test and implement contraceptives to shampoo everyday.

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Is it safe to add contraceptives to shampoo?