Is it possible to regain hair with non surgical treatments? Although the number of treatments for alopecia increases progressively in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, most of these remain very expensive and inaccessible for people in general. However, these are not the only options for combating baldness, so here we discuss the possible alternative and better results, the use of stem cells to regain hair with non surgical treatments.

Stem cell treatment

One of the newest treatments for alopecia involves the use of stem cells. Generally, these are used in other areas of health, but this has been overlooked in its usefulness to combat baldness.

The stem cell treatment involves removing fat from one part of the patient’s body through a kind of mini liposuccion. This fat is processed by using a centrifuge, with the aim of separating the cells to obtain the stem cells only. If necessary, these cells must be multiplied. Activation occurs by applying a chemical, then we obtain the stem cells and injected to the scalp in the area featuring baldness, allowing you to see results between two and four weeks after applying the treatment.

The treatment works because the hair follicles contain stem cells, but when they die, it is very difficult to reactivate spontaneously. So injecting new cells to the scalp, which gives a direct molecular signal to the follicle so it regenerates the growth process of new hairs.
The main advantage of this method over other treatments for alopecia is that it is a natural process, the results are maintained over time.

Anagrow treatment

It is another alternative which recently emerge from the pharmaceutical market, led by Richfeel and his team of researchers who developed methods for hair regrowth using as main base the use of stem cells. As explained, the objective is to develop a technology to reduce the aging process by the application of stem cells in the dermis and epidermis.

RF Anagrow: In this sense, to combat baldness extract a product called Max Rejuva PCT, which is inserted into the hair follicles. In addition to stem cells taken from the human body, cells will multiply, as they help to reduce the signs of hair loss.

Other non-surgical methods

For those looking for methods other than those mentioned so far, there are other non-surgical procedures, such as frames and strand by strand grafts. Although involving different techniques, these methods operate on a basic principle: human hair weaving through a membrane applied to the scalp to achieve a natural look.

In these cases, the type of membrane and hair that match the patient is selected, taking into account the color and type of hair and other features. Thus, a fluid-resistant adhesive is used to attach the membrane to the scalp.


Certainly, the price of these treatments is lower than other surgical procedures. However, they require constant maintenance to get the desired results, so the patient must attend a certain number of sessions.

Likewise, if the person chooses human hair grafts should know that these are more expensive than synthetic hair grafts. Hence a natural look involves a significant monetary investment. It is also recommended to seek advice before choosing one method or another, and the doctor and the clinic that will perform the process.

Is it possible to regain hair with non surgical treatments?