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Vinci Hair Clinic in New York City

The worldwide Vinci network is delighted to include New York City in our list of hair loss treatment centres. As one of the leaders in hair restoration, we make it easy to access the best quality surgical, non-surgical and medical solutions for men and women.

Our New York hair clinic is staffed by a friendly team, who are passionate about maintaining the high standards of care exemplified by the Harley Street London headquarters. We are dedicated to creating exceptional results for every client by providing tailored treatments according to their unique needs.

The expert team at Vinci New York welcomes male and female clients to join them to learn more about our hair loss solutions. At Vinci, we specialise in hair transplants, offering FUE Follicular Unit Extraction surgeries, as well as beard, eyelash and eyebrow hair transplants. We also provide medical treatments including PRP, Mesotherapy, medication and LLLT. Our non-surgical alternative is Micro Scalp Pigmentation, a technique which simulates the effect of shaved hair growth or improved hair density.

Located in the heart of Manhattan and close to public transport links, Vinci New York offers a convenient choice for local residents and those living outside of the city. There are Metro stations just a short walk away and excellent amenities including hotels, restaurants, shops and popular tourist attractions.

If you are ready to say “goodbye” to hair loss and “hello” to a flattering new look, Vinci is here to help. Attend your free, fully confidential hair transplant consultation with the friendly team at our New York clinic to get all the information you need to choose the right hair restoration treatment. It couldn’t be easier to book your FREE consultation – simply call us on 1 844 948 4624 or complete our online contact form.

Vinci Hair Clinic New York
36W 44TH Street,
The Bar Building
Suite  803, Manhattan,
NYC 10036

Tel:  1 844 948 4624