Androgenic alopecia is the most common hair loss condition experienced by both men and women. Up to seventy percent of men will experience male pattern baldness while sixty percent of women have an onset of female pattern baldness. The race to provide the best remedy for this condition is not new. There have been many manufacturers and service providers offering treatments that try to mitigate the effects of androgenic alopecia. The success of these remedies varies as well as their price.

A great hair transplant

A great example of how a successful hair transplant should look, when performed by a professional and competent clinic

Hair transplant surgery is perhaps one of the most expensive treatments for balding. It is able to justify this by also being one of the most effective remedies available in the market. The first method is the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) where the surgeon makes an incision at the back of the patient’s head to extract a strip of skin containing hair follicles. This is divided into mini grafts containing three to six hairs and micro grafts that could have one to two hairs. These are implanted unto the balding areas of the scalp causing it to appear denser.

The recovery period for this treatment is about thirty days during which no heavy physical activity should be performed. It would take around six months before the scar where strip of skin was taken from is fully healed. Hair in the transplanted area will be shed after a month or so but will start to regrow in about three to six months. A span of eight months to a year will be necessary for the transplanted hair to exhibit enough length for the patient to see its full effects.

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) method is another hair transplant treatment that effectively treats androgenic alopecia. It is a more advanced method than FUT as well as more expensive. Also known as a “direct extraction” procedure, an FUE takes hair follicles from the donor area and directly implants them upon the scalp where hair is thinnest. Unlike the FUT, it may take more than one session to sufficiently cover the exposed areas of the scalp. The benefit of FUE however is its quicker healing time. It would take about three days to a week for the patient to recover. They may also do physical activities after that period. Hair strands however will likewise be shed after thirty days though the hair follicles will remain intact. “Shock loss” of the existing hair around the extraction area can also occur after six months.

The cost of your procedure depends on the type of surgery you choose, and your specific requirements. At Vinci Hair Clinic we are passionate about providing the very best surgery with the most effective results, but also making the option accessible to everyone through highly competitive pricing. Procedures generally start at around £5000 (GBP). Please contact us for a specific quotation in confidence.

How much does hair transplant surgery cost?