If you want to grow a fuller moustache or beard, you can now achieve this with a simple and safe medical procedure called A Beard Hair Transplant. This procedure is very similar to a regular hair transplant for balding. During the beard transplant hairs are taken from the scalp or other suitable donor area and then carefully implanted into the beard or moustache area to create a completely natural, growing and permanent facial hair even where there was no growth before, the new facial hairs will continue to grow permanently for the rest of your life and can be shaved, trimmed and styled anyway that you like.

Beard Hair Transplant

This is a minimally invasive procedure that is done under local anaesthetic in one of our worldwide clinics and is carried out by a certified hair transplant surgeon and a team of hair transplant technicians.

Price of the Beard Hair Transplant procedure will depend on the size and density of the area that needs to be filled, the extraction technique, suitability of donor area and several other factors that your consultant can determine during a free consultation at one of our specialised clinics.

Call the clinic closest to you and book your free consultation or chat with our friendly staff to get all your questions answered if you can also achieve the beard or moustache you want with a Vinci beard hair transplant.

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