Mesotherapy for hair growth is one of the alternatives to stimulate regeneration of hair in the scalp, assist hair growth and combat alopecia. Although the technique dates back to the 1050’s, now specialists are applying it to patients and obtaining favourable hair restoration results.

Dr. Michel Pistor first used mesotherapy as a capillary technique for treating baldness in 1952. However, this technique has other cosmetic and therapeutic uses in the human body, as well as in the treatment of cellulite, wrinkles, the scarsreducing localized fat, etc.

Mesotherapy for hair growth

Appearance of baldness

The appearance of baldness can occur for a wide range of causes, among which are aging, declining male hormones, poor diet, stress, consumption of some medicines, or even genetics. The most noticeable sign is the drop in the main frontal line of the hair, which in turn is becomes thinner and begins to detach from the scalp.


This hair treatment is based on the application of small injections with nutrients and vitamins to the skin to stimulate, strengthen and regenerate tissues, in order to get new hair in areas where there is little presence or no hair at allMicroinjections, which are made with needles of less than two inches, produce small incisions on the surface of the scalp. Thus, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients on the thinnest layer of the capillary zone are exposed to allow the mesotherapy to work and promote hair growth.

Once these nutrients enter our body, the process of hair regeneration begins, and the reactivation the blood flow to the area applied; thus the growth of the hair follicles and hair restarts again, which directly combats baldness.

Duration of treatment

As for the length of treatment, keep in mind that the process is continuous, ie, not just a single application of treatment will obtain the desired results. So, there is no standard duration period, because the application time is given in terms of the body’s response to nutrients injected.

Therefore, if the condition of the baldness have progressed naturally, many mesotherapy sessions with this technique will be needed to achieve good hair growth, whereas if baldness is in an initial state or intermediate, it may require fewer sessions mesotherapy.

Patients describe a slight feeling of pain from the initial beginning of the procedure, but in general the treatment is almost pain free, convenient and an effective method to combat baldness. In some patients, it can leave small marks that will disappear in about a week. Everything depends on how the body’s cells react, and this determines the relatively short healing process.

Ultimately, it is important to be aware that the hair mesotherapy is not necessarily a cure for alopecia, but it does represent an effective way to reduce the problem and get a new hair transplant without making alternative. Hence also easier and more economical.

Mesotherapy for hair growth: what can it do for you?