The staff at Vinci Hair Clinic is ready to help you make the right decision about your hair restoration. We pride ourselves on providing an honest and caring atmosphere in our clinics, where clients can feel relaxed and well cared for. Featured here are some of our Hair Transplant Results. Our before and after pictures are of our clients and show you accurate FUE, FUT and Vinci Max procedures.

Adam Before

Adam After
Read Adam’s Hair Transplant Case StudyWatch Adam’s Video

Dan Before 1

Dan Before 2

Dan After 1

Dan After
Read Daniel’s Hair Transplant Case StudyWatch Daniel’s Video

Luis Before

Luis AfterWatch Luis’ Video

Remi Before 1

Remi Before 2

Remi After 1

Remi After 2Read Remi’s Hair Transplant Case StudyWatch Remi’s Video

Spencer Before 1

Spencer Before 4

Spencer After 1

Spencer After 4
Read Spencer’s Hair Transplant Case StudyWatch Spencer’s Video

Wagner BeforeWagner After
Read Wagner’s Hair Transplant Case StudyWatch Wagner’s Video

Ravi Before

Ravi After

Edgar Before

Edgar After

Enrique Before

Enrique After

If you are interested in any of our hair transplant procedures, why not contact us today and arrange a consultation at one of our hair loss clinics.

Client Videos and Testimonials

We are also proud to showcase some of our selected hair transplant results, along with some helpful advice and information about hair loss and how you might be able to get your hair back. Click here to view our video gallery.