Vinci hair transplant Madrid offers a complete range of services, including FUT hair transplants (also known as FUSS or Strip), FUE (follicular unit extraction), eyebrow transplants, and the Vinci Max hair transplant procedure. As Madrid is by many considered the heart of Spain its excellent location makes it very accessible for the people living in Northern Spain such as Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque region (Euskadi) are all relatively close.

It is also easily found by the habitants of Castilla and León,  Castilla-La Mancha; residents of Valladolid, León, Burgos, Segovia, Toledo and Guadalajara can all get to the clinic easily due to the excellent transportation system in Spain.

Hair Transplant Madrid

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Vinci consultations are free and private in our Málaga location, close to transport links and easily accessible for those residing inside or outside of Madrid.

All of our hair transplant procedures are carried out at our dedicated clinic in Málaga, fully licensed as an acute hospital to carry out hair transplant procedures. The facilities are designed to make the procedure comfortable for the client with flat screen televisions and a recovery area in the comfortable clinic on the Costa del Sol.

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FUT Hair Transplant Madrid

An effective and simple hair restoration treatment where a strip of hair is removed from the donor area (normally the back of the head). The Hair is then separated into individual grafts, and then placed into the balding area. Once the follicles are on the recipient site the hair(s) will keep on growing naturally. A Vinci FUT Hair Transplant is the fastest method to cover large bald areas in a single 4-6 hour session at our dedicated hair loss clinic in Málaga. > Read More

FUE Hair Transplant

This hair restoration treatment is performed using the latest techniques to harvest hair follicles individually from the donor area. These hairs will then be placed into the recipient area. Once the follicles are on the recipient site the hair(s) will keep on growing naturally and this minimally-invasive and virtually a scar-free technique, This allows the client to wear his hair as short as he feels like after the treatment. This procedure is carried out at our state of the art Málaga clinic. With no stitches and no complex aftercare, you can get back to a normal, active life the following day. > Read More

Vinci Max Hair Transplant

The Vinci Max™ combines the best of both traditional Vinci FUT and FUE Techniques, with special Vinci Hair clinic touches both in regards to medication and surgical techniques and tools our specialists have developed to make this amazing one visit procedure possible. The Vinci Max™ procedure is carried out over two to three days, and involves our most senior medical staff with years of experience in hair restoration. > Read More

Hair Transplant Madrid

“Having a long term hair loss problem was something I didn’t want to live with for the rest of my life. I visited the Consultation center in Madrid. After my procedure at their fantastic clinic in Málaga the result was just what I wanted and my hair looks great.” FUE Client Jose, Madrid

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