As a singer and actor appearance has always been extremely important to Luiz and he has been very conscious of how the hair loss has affected him both personally as well as professionally. His newest show the Elvis Millennium takes the music of Elvis Presly and transfers it to our place of time, “it’s a little like what Michael Bubbly did for swing” is how Luiz likes to describe it.


But filling Elvis’s shoes on stage is obviously no easy task for his    legendary energy and charisma on stage but more than that when we think of Elvis we think of his thick fantastic hair, even with all the talent in the world being able to imitate that is no easy task.
Luiz contacted Vinci Hair Clinic after being personally introduced by friends and he was very clear on what he wanted, “I want to have hair like Elvis”.  Usually this would be a warning sign for any surgeon and a sign of unrealistic results but in this specific case we wanted to work with Luiz on his goal.

Luiz had a FUT surgery with the clinic and started on medical treatment under our supervision and the results have been amazing and allowed Luiz to recover his confidence on and off stage.

Luiz “Elvis” Montoya and his Vinci Hair Transplant