Louis Walsh from the X factor has now admitted to having had a hair transplant in August and the hair is just starting to show even though he has to wait full 6-12 months for the final results to appear. Louis has taken some comments from his fellow judge Simon Cowell in the past where simon told him “darling you are, you’re losing your hair”. Louis has a quite relaxed approach to this and sees the hair transplant as a part of maintenance for his appearance, “it’s not a wig, its my own permanent hair” he said when asked about the procedure and added that he had been joking with Gary Barlow about him being next in line do have his hair fixed. Salvar Bjornsson a senior consultant for Vinci Hair Clinic and a former hair patient himself that has written books on the subject of hair loss added that Louis has joined a ever increasing group of not only celebrities that are open and honest about them having had work done, its more of a maintenance thing today like going to the dentist, before men didn’t feel comfortable talking about their hair loss and hair loss surgery but with the great advances in the techniques over the last decade or so and the fantastic results men are openly discussing this and having the procedures done.

We welcome Louis Walsh from the x factor to the ever increasing group of men and women who opt for hair transplants to enhance their appearance.

Louis Walsh has a hair transplant