The falling out of scalp hair causes alarm for people that experience balding. Many of these people immediately set out to choose an anti-hair loss treatment without stopping to check why the hair falls out. This aspect is of great importance to combat the problem of alopecia in an adequate manner. Therefore, we will be going over what causes hair loss.

There are countless causes of hair loss, regardless of whether the hair loss is mild or severe. Moreover, it should also be taken into account if hair loss is experienced in men or women, considering that the cause is completely different for each person and that it responds to the lifestyle that each person leads.

Diet low in nutrients

We often forget that nourishment is responsible for our organism to function well. The majority of the pathologies experienced in the human body is a result of incorrect nutrition.

In the case of hair loss, a diet rich in nutrients, particularly in proteins, is recommended, given that proteins provide the hair follicles with the necessary nutrients to function correctly.

What causes hair loss.

Excessive use of cosmetics

The use of different treatments for scalp hair, mainly those with chemical products, combined with the excessive use of hair dryers and hair straighteners, can lead to excessive loss of hair, especially in women. Therefore, it is recommended to check the type of products to apply on scalp hair as well as the methods of hair straightening.

Use of medication

In some cases, the falling out of hair is not related to an internal factor of the organism, but more to a collateral effect produced by the consumption of a medical treatment. An example of this is the application of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and some pills of extreme chemical composition.

Genetic inheritance

Genetic inheritance is another factor that leads to hair loss, especially in men. Here we see androgenetic or androgenic alopecia, which is the most common type of baldness among men. Its effect is practically irreparable if it is not controlled on time.

The presence of dihydrotestosterone

Dihydrotestosterone is the substance responsible for androgenic alopecia. Its production is stimulated by the 5-α reductase enzyme, which converts the testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, a substance that reaches the hair follicles and considerably diminishes their activity.

When the dihydrotestosterone reaches the scalp, it diminishes the blood supply and scalp hair becomes weaker. In some cases, the production of this substance can be controlled via the consumption of some drugs.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that it is considered normal to lose around one hundred strands of scalp hair per day. Generally, alopecia is diagnosed when the quantity of hair strands lost per day is excessive and the new scalp hair is seen to be weaker.

However, the thin hair type that some people have should not be confused with balding problems, given that if scalp hair production is normal, there is no risk of hair loss.

Do you know what causes hair loss?