The ruthless dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner revealed his hair transplant results on primetime live television last night. Jason has been concealing his hair under a cap for a while now while waiting for the growth to come through and it seems the wait was well worth it.

Jason is known for his very direct manner, and his acerbic tongue has earned him more unpopularity than fans. In February ITV looked at sacking him after receiving 2.2.00 complaints from viewers following a confrontation with skating mentor Karen Barber, telling her that if her opinion mattered, she would be on the judges panel.

Dr. Ezequiel Panno a hair transplant expert from Vinci Hair Clinic notes that the results look good and that the conservative shape of the new hairline allows for adding good density rather than spreading the hairs all over the head which is a common mistake that less experienced surgeons and clinics sometimes commit to, creating a thin and unnatural result.

Jason has already said that he will want another hair transplant to lower the hair line and create a even younger less mature hairline. This is usually done at least one year after the first hair transplant is performed and is a option many clients opt for once they get used to their new younger look. Jason admits to feeling depressed and full of self-hate before undergoing the procedure, “a hair transplant is nothing to be ashamed of” Jason says and this will hopefully help remove the stigma many men attach to aesthetic surgery and hair transplants.

Vinci Hair Clinic would like to congratulate him on his new hair line and welcome him to the ever growing group of men who decide to take action to correct their balding and thinning with a hair transplant.

Jason Gardiner gets a hair transplant