James Nesbitt has now finally admitted to having had hair transplant surgery following a period of long speculation over his suprising hair recovery. In a recent interview, James talks about how his receeding hair line dented his self confidence and affected his acting career, which has now taken off since he took action and had his hair restored. James says, “having a hair transplant changed my life”.

James Nesbitt is the latest out of a long line of celebrities to step forward and admit that he has had the procedure done – Rob Brydon, Elton John, Duncan Banantyne and former England cricketer Graham Gooch are among those who have openly admitted to having had the work done.

Dr Juan Ruiz, one of Vinci Hair Clinic´s top surgeons, commented on the change, ”James looked like a Norwood 3 before his hair transplant, so there was considerable frontal thinning. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we can fill into such a an area with one FUT session or a two day FUE to get a good dense result and without the celebrity price tag” .

We would just like to finally congratulate James on his hair restoration and hope that this helps people to realize just how life changing good hair transplant surgery can be. You don´t have to be a celebrity to get your hair back with surgical hair restoration.

Contact the clinic for more information on how you can get your hair back with a transplant procedure, just as James Nesbit has done.

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James Nesbitt has a hair transplant