italy-locationVinci Hair Clinics are proud to welcome our clients to the new Vinci hair-restoration clinics in Italy. We are worldwide leading specialists in treating hair-loss conditions including male-pattern balding, receding hairline and alopecia, as well as disguising scar tissue on the scalp. We invite you to discover the solution to your hair-loss concerns with a choice of procedures including FUE and FUT hair transplants, and Scalp MicroPigmentation.

Vinci Hair Clinics are a well-established network of hair-restoration clinics, with facilities worldwide. Our Italian clinics are in a convenient location which can be accessed by car or public transport from all regions of Italy. If you would like to book at free, no-obligation hair-restoration consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic Milan, or Vinci Hair Clinic Rome call us today on: +39 (0) 236009998.

Our hair-transplant and SMP team is ready to provide advice on your choices for treating hair-loss, as well as offering selected hair-restoration procedures in-house.

Vinci Hair Transplants

Vinci Hair Clinics are skilled in the art of hair transplants. Over the years, we have performed numerous hair transplant treatments and have developed our techniques to create superb authentic results. We combine the latest technological advances and clinical excellence with individualised treatments to help our clients to achieve a natural look of hair-restoration. Vinci offer both FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) options. Depending on your personal hair-loss concerns, your Vinci technician may recommend that you proceed with either FUE or FUT, or a combination of both treatments. Our highly trained hair transplant technicians use these methods to extract hairs from the donor area to cover areas of hair-loss In FUT transfer, it is a strip of hairs, while in FUE a single hair is removed. The technician will then implant the donor hair precisely where it is needed, in areas of hair-thinning or balding, crafting a realistic new look for each client.
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Why Choose Vinci Hair Clinics for Your Hair-restoration?

At Vinci Hair Clinics, we understand that hair-loss can be a distressing situation, and one that leaves you feeling powerless. That is why we have dedicated our clinics to offering a tailored hair-restoration solution to every client. From your first consultation through to your post-procedure after-care, our professional and understanding team will work with you to achieve your unique hair-restoration goals and get a realistic personalised result. As you can see from our client testimonials and photo gallery, we have helped many hair-loss sufferers to improve their appearance and boost their confidence, with some clients even describing our services as life-changing.

Take action against your hair-loss today and join Vinci’s prestigious list of satisfied clients. Make that first step on your hair-restoration journey by contacting our Vinci Hair Clinic in Italy for your confidential consultation with our hair-transplant team. You can arrange your appointment by calling us today in Italy on +39 (0) 236009998 or completing our online contact form.