A prospective hair transplant patient should research extensively on the hair transplant procedure as well as the clinic where they are to have this performed. He needs to know what he is to undergo during as well as after the procedure. The quality of the hair transplant clinic as well as the experience and skills of the surgeon to perform it should be among the top considerations. Price is only secondary to quality because a cheaper hair transplant does not automatically mean it will be performed to the same standard.

There are two widely known hair transplant procedures in the industry today. The first is the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method. It requires that the surgeon perform a horizontal incision on the back of the patient’s scalp. This strip of skin is divided into smaller grafts containing hair follicles. A mini graft would contain about four to six hairs and is used mostly for large balding areas. On the other hand, a micro graft will have about one to three hairs and is more appropriate to create natural looking hair growth in selected scalp areas. These grafts will be implanted onto these balding regions and the area where the strip of skin was extracted from will be sewn together. The other hair transplant procedure is the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. This is also known as a “direct extraction” procedure because a specialised tool is used to uproot the hair follicles directly from the donor area. This will then be implanted upon the receiving area where the balding is most pronounced. An FUE procedure will take more sessions to complete than an FUT. It is more tedious and costs more as well, however it is generally regarded as the option to produce the best overall result.

A great hair transplant

A great example of how a successful hair transplant should look, when performed by a professional and competent clinic

Hair will typically be lost after about a month from treatment. There is no need for concern because what are lost are the hair strands and not the hair follicles. New hair will grow after three months.

Getting a good hair transplant is to know what to expect. The prospective patient should find out what could be achieved by the method he chooses. This is important because the procedure should be appropriate to his condition. He should also find out the costs both for the operation as well as its maintenance expenses. Knowing how to care for the hair transplant after the treatment is also necessary to prolong its effects. The patient should also manage his expectations in order to ensure that what he is aiming for is realistically achievable.

At Vinci Hair Clinic we ensure that all clients are provided with honest, accurate advice to ensure that our procedures provide the recipient with a high level of satisfaction. If you would like advice regarding your specific circumstances, please contact us.

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