With already growing and strong presence in 6 countries around the world Vinci Hair Clinic is now delighted to be taking clients from Wales.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers the latest technologies for Hair Loss solutions, our Hair Transplant procedures are carried out in specialized medical centers in the UK, Brazil, Spain and Dubai, all of which hold world-renowned doctors and specialists.

With a continued demand from clients in Wales, Vinci Hair Clinic have made it possible to show you real results from real clients in your area.

We understand how many questions Hair Transplant candidates will have before they make their final decision about this type of procedure and indeed any procedure, It is important to note however  that our years of experience with a multitude of clients’ issues and concerns have enabled us to understand more and more what our clients want, but most importantly what they need, this is why our customer base has gone from strength to strength.

We are held with high regard and our reviews and and references show this. Now in Wales, you can meet in person with Mr Jones a previous client of Vinci Clinic and discover through his own first hand experience, giveing you a personal insight to his journey and how it has changed their life. Mr Jones, who had a Hair Transplant with us, will meet with you informally to discuss the procedure and show his fantastic results, and what it means to have his life changed by us. He made this decision in 2012 coming in for one of our free consultations and immediately felt confident about the clinic and what it can do for him at every stage of the procedure including the aftercare package which include an aftercare kit and further free consultations to monitor your progress and well being.

Vinci Hair clinic has a respected history and a wealth of expertise and is now providing real references from real clients to demonstrate our Hair Transplant solutions to prospective clients in Wales.

Contact us and take that first step, we will put you in touch with Mr. Jones so you can see the benefits for yourself!

Hair Transplant in Wales