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Vinci Hair Transplant patient Spencer discusses his hair transplant journey and how it helped him recover from his head trauma, redesign his hairline, and give him the confidence he needs.

“Approximately 18 months ago I contracted a very bad stomach bug, which put me in bed for 9 months, and my hair just fell out and I ended up with the devil’s brow receding hairline.” Spencer had also suffered quite extensive scarring from A bad accident several years ago. “On the top area I had a lot of very extensive scars where they reconstructed my skull. They had to drain the water off my brain which left a scar on the back of my head.”

Hair Transplant Testimonial Spencer

Spencer felt very self conscious about his scarring, and his hair loss. He approached Vinci Hair Clinic for help with his hair loss problems, and our staff were more than happy to help him find solutions to his hair loss.

Spencer had his FUE hair transplant procedure at our Hair Transplant Academy in Harley Street, London. His treatment was carried out in one session, and his frontal hairline was re-established, hair grafts were placed into scarred areas to help hide his quite extensive scarring. After 9 months, his hair restoration is progressing well, and Spencer is very happy with his result.

“I was very nervous at first, but the staff here at Vinci made me feel so comfortable. 9 Months later its changed my life, I’m a different person now. I go out on dates, and my friends didn’t actually believe me that i had a operation. It looked that natural.”

Spencer’s hairline has been restored and frames his face better, the density on his scalp and because of Vinci’s advanced techniques, his scarring is now practically invisible because of the placed hair grafts.

Original Image Before FUE Treatment
Modified Image After FUE Treatment

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Spencer’s Hair Damage to Hair Restoration Testimonial