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Remi is a performer and had suffered early hereditary hair loss in his early twenties. After researching what options he had, he came across Vinci Hair Clinic and had a consultation at our clinic in Harley Street, London.

“Since I had my first hair transplant with Vinci Hair Clinic, the reason that I wanted it done was when I was performing on stage I was always wearing a bandana, a cap or styling my hair and being on stage performing, all eyes are on you.”

Remi came for a consultation and decided because of the hair restoration he required, he would need a FUT hair transplant. This is where a strip of hair is taken from the back of the head (the donor area) and the grafts are then taken and carefully placed in the recipient area.

Hair Transplant Testimonial Remi

Remi felt very self conscious about how natural the result would look, after his treatment. The treatment was carried out in one day, under local anaesthetic. After a year his result was complete, and his hairline has now been transformed.

“The treatment was for me, so I would look good, feel good and to give me confidence.” Designing a realist hairline, and also the hairline Remi wanted too were the two prime considerations. “As long as it looked natural, that was my expectation. And I had the treatment, it beat my expectations. When I saw my hairline after the treatment, I was so happy.”

Remi had his hair transplant procedure at our Hair Transplant Academy in Harley Street, London. And he couldn’t be happier with his result as his testimonial shows.

“It doesn’t look fake. Its you own hair that is taken from the back of the head to the front. I would recommend anyone to come to Vinci Hair Clinic if they are experiencing hair loss.” With a bit of care during the post operation period, Remi’s scar on his head healed well, and there is no visible marks that show that he infact had a hair transplant.

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Remi’s Hair Transplant Client Testimonial