For those who have older hair transplant scars that they want to work on we offer 3 options that can be used on their own or together to greatly improve the appearance of hair transplants scars.

We can work on older hair transplants scars that might have been from the older plug grafts (doll hair transplants) or FUT (strip harvesting) or even poorly or over harvested FUE surgeries, the 3 main procedures to improve, hide or camouflage these scars using Hair Transplant Scar Repair are:

  1. Surgical revision We offer surgical revision where one of our specialist surgeons extracts the old scar and closes it with a much less visible trycophytic closure creating a very neat minimally visible scar where the hairs will grow from within it to camouflage whatever is left of the scar.
  2. Implant grafts into the scar We can implant hair follicles directly into the scat to allow for much greater camouflage of the scar and this is often enough to allow the client to wear his hair shorter and allow him to feel more confident.
  3. Micro Scalp Pigmentation for the scar. This is a unique procedure developed by Vinci Hair Clinic to implant micro pigments into the scar tissue imitating hair in early growth stages The hair replicas created with the MSP procedure fill into the scar area often in such a way that the scars are hard to find even upon close inspection due to the synergic effect given through the production of more collagen in the scar tissue and the camouflage the hair follicle replicas provide. When deciding what option is best it important to look at your history of scarring, elasticity, time from the surgery along with personal choices like ideal hair style so that your consultant can help you make the best decision, consultations are free and without any obligation.
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