My Hair Transplant at Vinci Hair Clinic

I’ve been losing hair since I was 18 years old, started taking medicine then, but after a while I stopped because I never really believed it would get any better, I just had to accept that I’d follow my family footsteps and be bald.

Went to Vinci Hair Clinic in London in April 2013, had many questions about hair transplants, just went there to talk about it, informally. Salvar, the consultant, looked at my hair and for my surprise, he said:

-You don’t need a Hair Transplant!

I was shocked since I thought they would do everything to sell me a Hair Transplant, he could have booked my hair transplant right and then, I’d pay and have my procedure done.

This is my Hair before the surgery:


He thought that my hair would thicken up with medicine and that I should see the medicine result first and then decide whether I still needed a hair transplant.

Started taking the recommended medicine, again, didn’t believe it would be any good, amazingly, it really thickened my hair and it stopped falling after 3 months.

On September, 5 months later, I came again to Vinci Hair Clinic and decided that I still wanted a hair transplant. They booked me in for October. For one month , I couldn’t think about anything else, but the pain and the suffering of a major surgery I was about to go through (so I thought!).

Earlier that year, I had gone through a major bowel operation, in which I lost 12 kilos, spent 15 days in the hospital and another 15 days recovering at home.

I thought my Hair Transplant would be the same, stay in the hospital, don’t eat, sign a ‘If I die is not the clinic responsibility’ consent form, take over a week to recover…

The day of my Hair Transplant came, I woke up early, went to the clinic, everyone at the clinic was waiting for me, they already knew lots about me having studied my case before I got there, they knew my name and where I was from, at first glance, I felt like I was amongst friends. The doctor had a chat with me, explained what I should expect and asked me what I really wanted to achieve. Not for a second he TOLD me what hair transplant I should have, he listened to me first, then, made his points on how hair line work, measures of men and women hair line, hair density and a thousand things I didn’t know about.

Even in a friendly atmosphere and with a professional, confident doctor, I was still apprehensive about the procedure.

Starting the procedure:

Doctor Nikos was letting me know what I should expect and how every step was going to be, he also made sure to tell me what exactly was happening. I was aware of what was happening all the way.

The girls were very attentive and all very nice. I must say, I felt like a king!

The treatment and attention I was given was fit for a king.

Every few minutes I was offered water, food, tea, music, films and everything you can think of.

I felt the first anaesthesia injections, but there was no pain, you just feel it. After that, everything else went very fast, I watched a film, felt like I was home. The doctor was a perfectionist, spent a lot of time overlooking everything, at the end, when the girls were planting the hair, doctor Nikos could have gone home, since his job was finished, but instead he stayed and over looked at the work the girls were doing, looked very closely and from time to time, said: please look at that again, please review this side,  pay more attention to that side and so on. Asked me every 30 min how I was feeling and checked my pulse all the time. It made me feel safe, to have a doctor with me at all times.

This was a photo of me with the team:

2013-10-09 16.53.24

Nane was amazing, kind and caring. She served me lunch on a tray (I don’t remember the time I was served on a tray!), nice food, loads of it, as a king would be served. Offered me water, ketchup, mayonnaise, I felt like I was in a fancy restaurant! After the procedure, she told me what to do 5 times (I couldn’t understand well because of the pain killers I had taken!!), explained me everything about the after care. Only then, I realized that it was over, that I went through a Hair Transplant procedure, which it felt more like a dentist session rather than a hospital bowel obstruction 2 day operation!

Some discomfort right after the procedure, but on the next morning, I felt like nothing had happened! I woke up as if it was a normal day, not any discomfort nor pain.

A photo of my scar,5 days after, almost cant see anything:



I was impressed by the professionalism and caring of the staff at all times. If I only know it would be so simple and so fast, I would have done earlier. In addition, if I knew I was gonna be treated as well as I was, I’d have prepared myself and taken a thank you gift for the girls! I guess that was the most impressive part, this personal treatment is what I will not forget, ever.

Hair Transplant Client Testimonial