With the increased growth in popularity of hair transplants, and the desirability to have a shorter, more cropped hairstyle, the combination of our FUE Hair Transplant procedure and the revolutionary SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation Treatment.

With the increased popularity of the SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation has allowed thousands of men all across the world who may not have been able to consider hair transplant as a viable option to create the impression of a full head of hair. Of course, with SMP the design is not created with actual hair follicles, even though it is a realistic recreation of hair that looks shaved.

Vinci Hair Clinic has created this unique option for restoring your hair by combining the hair transplant and Scalp Pigmentation techniques together. We call it The Ultimate SMP result.

The Vinci Hair Clinic FUE technique has pioneered the most efficient way of extracting hair follicles individually from the donor area, and then implanting the extracted grafts into the recipient area. Using our patented FUE method, there is no need for stitches, there is no scarring left after this procedure. This is vital if you are wishing to keep your hair short or shaved.

The combining a sympathetic number of grafts we can do in with a FUE session with the SMP treatment requires less grafts than are required for a full hair transplant as they can be placed further apart, the SMP provides the density.

By adding real hair grafts to the exisiting balding area gives some texture to the SMP treatment. If you have the FUE treatment, the SMP phase can be carried out around 3 to 4 months after the FUE hair transplant.

Ultimate Hair Transplant and Scalp Pigmentation Procedure

Having lost a lot of density around my frontal hairline and on the top of my head, I was at the start just looking at the scalp pigmentation procedure. After an initial consultation at Vinci Hair Clinic in London, I realised that it was easy to combine both the SMP and the FUE hair transplant treatments together. This relatively painless hair transplant & SMP procedure gets you the maximum hair restoration result possible. I couldn’t be happier! Hair Transplant and SMP Client – Abdul, London

What Can the Hair Transplant and Scalp Pigmentation Procedure do for me?

The combination of these innovative treatments is proven to yield the best quality results for a short, cropped hairstyle. By joining these two procedures together, you can be assured of getting the maximum amount of visual density and definition of the hairline.

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