Hair surgery is usually one of the final options for men who are trying to find effective remedies for their hair loss. This is because there are other treatments more appropriate depending on the degree of shedding. Shampoos and concealers are sometimes better for men where balding is just starting. The use of these products has been quite effective for this type of hair loss. Medication in the form of finasteride and minoxidil come into the picture once the progression becomes more noticeable.

When it comes to hair transplants, there is no dispute as to the effectiveness of the popular follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. These two procedures have been able to service patients with moderate to more advanced progression in their hair loss. It does involve a certain degree of discomfort after the surgery and a time frame for recovery for each of the methods.

Quality hair transplant

A high quality hair transplant is beyond comparison to primitive artificial hair implants

When successful however, these methods provide the patient with a full head of natural hair growing like regular hair does. Depending on the donor area where it was sourced, the transplanted hairs should act like how normal hair should with the exception of some length variations. This will only be appreciated however, after the initial hair loss a month after the treatment for either method. Only the hair strands will be lost at this time and not the hair follicles. Hair will regrow after about three months. The scalp will then be able to exhibit a full head of hair after six months onwards, as long as a quality clinic like Vinci is chosen for the procedure.

Many people refer to hair implants as if they were the same as transplanted hair, but in reality they are not. Hair implants use artificially manufactured hair fibres while the latter harvests real hair from the patient himself. Some people also confuse hair implants with hair systems, which are entirely different things.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of a hair implant procedure are the immediate results. There is no significant hair loss that will be experienced during the recovery period however it will still require small re-implant sessions to maintain the desired look. The patient can immediately take on physical activities right after the operation as well. There is no need to worry about any trauma that may result upon the transplanted hairs because these are artificial in nature and no healing is required. Unfortunately artificial implants can cause severe infections in the scalp as the body tries to reject them, and the use of such procedures is unlawful in many countries around the world due to the safety risks.

Transplanted hair is an entirely different matter however, as the hair is not only real, but is your own and is therefore not rejected by the body. The long term risk of infection is negligible, and the results are beyond comparison to primitive hair implants.

If you are offered hair implants by any clinic, due to confusion with the terminologies used, make sure they are offering a recognised hair transplant method such as FUE or FUT, using nothing but your own real hair.

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