Recent reports claim that the world famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, from Hell’s Kitchen and other TV cookery shows, has recently become one of the long list of celebrities who treat their hair loss with modern hair implants.

Gordon joins a number of men in the public eye who are choosing to do something to counteract their male pattern baldness. Hair loss can mean a loss of confidence for some men and if you are a regular on TV where appearance is everything, it can even dent your career progression.

Seen recently leaving a hair treatment clinic in Los Angeles, apparently Gordon spent £30,000 on the treatment with a FUE procedure in Beverly Hills. Mr Ramsay could instead have gone to a Vinci Hair clinic, where he would have saved considerably compared to the inflated prices in Beverly Hills.

In our expert opinion, here at Vinci Hair Clinic, Mr Ramsay has most likely had approximately 2,000 grafts done with extensive FUE hair implant surgery. The results will not be obvious yet as it will take a few months for the hair to establish.

There are Vinci Hair Clinics in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Brazil and the USA. So living abroad like Gordon doesn’t necessarily prevent you from accessing one of our clinics. We pride ourselves on our honest and caring atmosphere and our professional approach to hair loss treatment.

Gordon Ramsay now joins the ever increasing number of men having their hair replaced by a method of transplanting follicles from the back of the head. You too can easily improve your appearance with this simple out-patient hair restoration procedure that can be carried out at any of our Vinci Hair Clinics.

Gordon Ramsay Latest Celebrity to Choose Hair Implants?