When it comes to hair, many men are really sensitive about the subject. This is particularly noticeable among those who are in the process of losing theirs. It’s the classic scenario – you don’t appreciate how much you’d miss your hair until you start losing it.

Many men and women actively hide or remedy this loss. Some are more fortunate than others and the loss isn’t too obvious, while in other cases it’s actually difficult to achieve the same result due to the amount of hair already lost. If donor hair is a real issue, scalp micropigmentation could be combined with a FUE procedure to achieve a great result. Anyway, that’s a story for another post.

Gordon Ramsay

However, one thing is for sure, men from all around the world face this problem and need solutions for it. It doesn’t really matter if you are a Hollywood celebrity or just an Average Joe, you will still have to face the issue. Some are more successful in hiding or treating it and it seems that this is the case with one of the world’s most feared chefs.

Gordon Ramsay is well-known in the showbiz industry thanks to his extremely aggressive style of work with others, especially the trainees in different shows. However, he is also a top quality chef and whilst his mannerisms leave a lot to be desired at times, you’d have a lot to learn from him in the kitchen, that’s for sure.

Gordon seems to be pretty fond of his hair and this is probably the reason why he decided to thicken it up when it started to go wayward. He isn’t the kind of guy to wear a short hairstyle, but even when you decide to keep your hair longer you will still have to deal with baldness. In fact depending on the style, keeping your hair longer is one of the worst things you can do in a vain attempt to hide it.

It looks like Ramsay didn’t enjoy the fact that he was going bald, as there is no doubt that Ramsay underwent a surgical procedure in order to get his hair back. The only real question that remains is whether he did this once or twice.

Back in 2011, he was spotted just as he was leaving a hair transplant clinic and soon enough, his hair appeared fuller. There is no doubt that at the time he had undergone a hair transplant procedure, but it didn’t seem that he would need to do it again so soon. However, just a few months ago, he was photographed by paparazzi when he was leaving a party together with his wife. His haircut was extremely weird – despite the fact his hair goes in all directions generally, this time he had a fringe that covered a reddened area of his forehead. Going hand in hand with this was a bald patch at the back of his head.

The bald area of Ramsay’s head was yellowish, probably due to an attempt to give it a more natural color, but this task failed. However, the rest of the doctor’s accomplishments were not that bad and now, Ramsay looks much better than in the past. His head is still extremely full of hair and he probably won’t need transplant too soon.

Gordon Ramsay, hair transplants and weird haircuts