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This hair transplant procedure involves removing healthy hair follicles directly from the scalp and grafting them into the bald areas of the head. Using the latest techniques, this allows our hair transplant specialists to do larger FUE sessions than before and harvest is maxim amount of hair follicles in the minimum amount of time.

No stitches and no aftercare guarantee that clients can get back to work the following day. The Hair Transplant surgeons of Vinci Hair Clinic have over 18 years of combined experience in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplants – and are some of the best Hair Restoration specialists in Europe.

Hair restoration treatments are available at a wide variety of our clinics, and we offer hair transplant consultations at most of our clinics across the world.

Benefits of the Vinci Hair Clinic FUE

  • Latest techniques guarantee faster and bigger sessions
  • No need for aftercare and no stitches
  • Completely undetectable result with our advanced methods
  • Procedure is done under local anaesthetic
  • No aftercare needed
  • Patients can get back to work the following day

Our Specialist Hair Restoration Team

Our specialist hair transplant surgeons offer the most advanced, minimally invasive Hair Transplant techniques available. Our team of technicians and surgeons are highly skilled in implanting hairs, leaving no visible scarring from the extraction of the hair grafts. You can wear your hair however you want after your procedure and get back to your daily life as quickly as possible with minimal fuss and discomfort.

FUE Hair Transplant – When Will The Results Show?

FUE Hair TransplantYou will be able to see the outline of your new hair line immediately after procedure. 6-12 months later, the transplanted hairs will have re-grown fully and the bald patch or receding hair line will have disappeared. The results will be totally natural-looking and permanent.

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