Eyelashes have become a increasingly important aesthetic feature and women all over the world especially look to enhance them with anything from mascara to wearing false eyelashes to create the thick and full eyelashes they dream of. At Vinci Hair Clinic we have several surgeons that focus in micro hair surgery including eyelash transplants that can create the thicker and fuller eyelashes that you always wanted though a simple minimally invasive surgical procedure called an eyelash transplant.

Results are perfectly natural as your own hair is used. Hairs are harvested from the back of the scalp under local anaesthesia in one of our private clinics, and then carefully implanted one by one into the eyelash area to fill into the existing eyelashes and in some cases completely re-build eyelashes where the client had none before.

Eyelash Transplant

Having spent years covering up and indeed making my eyelash hair loss situation by using false eyelashes, I decided to investigate the possibility of a transplant to restore my eyelashes. The eyelash transplant was done over a short period of time in one of Vinci’s clinics in London, and I can say the results are amazing. Eyelash Transplant Client Elle, London

The procedure is safe, permanent and extremely naturally looking as actual hairs for your own scalp are used to create the results that you want. We also have FDA approved medication that is approved to grow eyelashes in case that you are not a good candidate for surgery or one of our specialist determines that this might be better option to get you the eyelashes you want.

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