How can you move your hair to give it an appearance of thickness if your scalp is thin all over?

Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia (DUPA) occurs in men where there is generalised thinning all around the scalp. Thinning is present on top, sides and back of the head. Patients with such a condition cannot benefit from a hair transplant procedure. There is not enough healthy hair to place over the scalp. At Vinci Hair Clinic we would usually recommend that scalp micropigmentation (SMP) should be used instead.

Females with similar symptoms as the above are likewise recommended to undergo an SMP procedure, to provide the illusion of additional density. For this type of scalp micropigmentation process, the hair can be kept longer.

After A Hair Transplant

Propecia (finasteride) is recommended if the thinning is not total and only located at the front and top or crown area. This treatment is for males that are afflicted with these symptoms. They must be below thirty years old. Allow about a year for the results to materialise.

A hair transplant procedure is usually the next step if you are successful in countering the thinning of your scalp, and is often undertaken even without medication as this is generally regarded to be the best overall solution for thinning hair. Consult a specialist to determine how to harvest hair and plant it in different areas on your scalp. Propecia is again suggested during this hair transplant procedure to decrease any trauma from hair loss during the surgery.

Females who have thinning hair can make use of a transplant procedure. Note that they should have healthy hair to donate to the problem area and that they are not balding. It would also depend on how advanced the thinning is. One may want to place their existing hair on the front or opt to switch it around between the center and the sides. An element of style is to be considered along with the transplant procedure. Women should seek professional opinion before proceeding on this topic further.

Remember, you only have so much hair to transplant to achieve the look you desire. Use it wisely.

The efficiency of hair transplant surgery on diffuse thinning