Recently, many expectations have emerged regarding the usefulness of scalp massages to avoid the loss of scalp hair. Therefore, we will explain in which way this treatment takes part in the process of alopecia prevention or elimination.

Loss Of Scalp HairMassages in general have a fundamental benefit for people: creating a sense of relief, relaxation and well-being. However, with regard to the specific case of scalp massages, an idea emerged that these massages could have an influence in the improvement of scalp activity and that this way they could reduce alopecia.

This is wrong. No relationship has been recorded from the scientific point of view between the quantity of scalp massages that a person receives and the decrease of hair loss or improvement in scalp activity.

Although the existence of some particular case where an improvement in the scalp has been observed thanks to scalp massages is not denied, no specialist or laboratory has officially checked this fact.

Why scalp massages?

The assumption which the theory of scalp massages and their possible positive effect on patients with hair loss are based on indicates that a greater stimulation on the scalp leads to more blood supply, which is why the hair follicles get activated and start producing scalp hair.

However, this idea is wrong and can easily be checked by going through the method of implants, considering that scalp implants would not function and would fall easily if the areas of little activity on the scalp could be activated with massages and could produce blood supply. Precisely, the key factor for the implants to stay grafted that much time is that the area where they are inserted does not have a high level of blood flow.

Don’t use a massage cap

Although the usefulness of massage caps for scalp massages has been denied, some people take their chances to buy the massage cap, which generates a number of stimuli on the scalp, which, according to the TV commercials, helps the patient to stop hair loss.

Nothing could be further from the truth because of the reasons we explained above. So, you should lose no money in these devices and less so in a professional massage therapist. That much is clear if you would like to stop hair loss, but if you would only like to relax, you can choose to get the service whenever you want.

Natural recuperation

In many occasions, hair loss stops and a natural recuperation takes place. Perhaps some of these patients attribute their recovery to a fictitious treatment like the ones mentioned above, when it is really the same organism that manages to stabilise its hormone production and finally the hair follicles once again start their hair production phase.

If you would like to receive a scalp massage, the technique to do it is very simple: you only need to stimulate the area with your fingertips, with circular movements, making sure to go from the lower part to the upper part. Although this won’t improve hair growth, it will provide a nice sensation.


Do Scalp Massages avoid the loss of scalp hair?