Among the different techniques and treatments to reduce the lethal effects of baldness, platelet rich plasma (PRP) has become one of the most sought after options for patients, because of the highly favourable results it provides. Therefore, we invite you to discover how PRP could be useful to fight baldness.

Discover how PRP could be useful to fight baldness

Currently, scientific advances have found alternatives to stimulate hair growth, some of which are more expensive than others. The most recent and probably the most exciting treatment which is provided by hair loss specialists is PRP the technique.

What is PRP?

The platelet rich plasma is a technique designed for natural regeneration of body cells. The secret to this method is that the raw material comes from the same organism, ie, does not require external chemicals to operate on the human body. The technique is based around obtaining a small blood sample, which is processed in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells and white blood cells, and obtain the plasma. This is then inserted into the body, but in a different area where the hair loss is occuring. Thus, a natural regeneration of the cells will occur and therefore healing any affected area.

In the case of baldness, the plasma is injected into the patient’s scalp, as a way to reactivate dead cells and stimulate hair growth in the affected area. This procedure is performed in a very safe manner: first the patient’s blood is removed, and then proceeds to inject using an anesthetic cream to eliminateany sort of pain. Therefore, it is a safe procedure without side effects.

Who can use it?

The treatment is directed to all patients suffering from alopecia, especially those men and women who are in an advanced state of baldness due to genetic causes. This explains why it has become one of the most sought alternatives for patients affected by hair loss.

Duration of treatment

The technique of PRP is structured into at least eight sessions, which will be applied to the patient every two weeks. Thus, a treatment of platelet rich plasma for a period of approximately four months.

What results are expected?

PRP has proven results, which usually indicate an increase in hair growth and hair tissue regeneration. So the patient gets new, stronger hair. However, it is not recommended for people suffering from alopecia totalis.

Other aesthetic uses

The platelet rich plasma treatment has various uses in the cosmetic industry. Besides contributing to hair growth, it is used for rejuvenation of the face, as it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, promotes the building of collagen in the skin and improves scars caused by acne.

Discover how PRP could be useful to fight baldness