Hair transplant procedures are a viable option for patients experiencing hair loss. There are two popular methods that come in the form of either the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method or the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. Both have its corresponding strengths and merits that should be used according to the degree of hair loss being experienced. They have been proven to be effective to treat hair loss, especially androgenic alopecia. Either method however, will leave a certain amount of scarring.

An FUT procedure requires that a horizontal strip of skin be harvested from the lower back of the scalp. This will leave a scar about twenty centimeters long when sutured. The patient should be wary about how this is sewn up as well. There are cases where the surgeon performing it might not do a well enough job to close the gap. It should just leave a thin line of about a millimeter wide. This could still be noticeable in either case whenever the hair is shaved to a certain length.

FUT Hair Transplant Glasgow

FUE surgery on the other hand requires that the hair follicles be harvested from the donor area of the scalp. This could be extracted from the lower portions of the sides or the back of the head. An FUE operation can also make harvesting of hairs from different areas of the body possible. It will leave tiny dots from where they were taken from. It would be most obvious in the first few days of the recovery period and would only be noticeable thereafter when the hair is shaven off to a very short length.

A patient should also consider their hair growth patterns when choosing which surgery to take advantage of. An FUT will make the break in the direction of hair growth apparent. This is because an entire section of the scalp is removed and the separate areas are sewn together to close the area of extraction. The change in the natural linear growth of hair strands is not usually visible, but it should certainly be a consideration. A FUE procedure on the other hand, will keep the disturbance of the hair growth pattern at a minimal level. There is also less chance of nerve damage because this method is less invasive.

Considering the recovery period of these procedures should be a factor in deciding which one to take. Heavy lifting or any strenuous activity for that matter is not allowed for several weeks after FUT surgery. It would also require a longer period before any discomfort disappears entirely. The linear scar might take a few months before it is properly healed. Such is not the case with an FUE procedure. It will only need a few days to recover and about two weeks for the crusting from the extraction areas to vanish from the scalp.

Whichever option you choose, the success of your procedure depends largely on the skill of your surgeon. At Vinci Hair Clinic we choose only the very best surgeons in the industry, so our clients are assured of optimum results at all times.

Choose FUE surgery for reduced scarring