Paul Oliver has battled hair loss for decades. Going from wigs (systems) to an old plug hair transplant (also known as the dolls hair) carried out in 1983, Paul finally found his way to Vinci Hair Clinic in 2010 and underwent surgery with our hair loss team in our Malaga clinic. Paul had a seriously damaged donor area from the plug grafts, (see photo) and it was therefore extremely difficult to extract a high graft number. The location of the grafts was essential, so our doctor made sure to make the most of each single graft.  The result has been a dense hairline that has completely hidden all the old plugs, giving Paul a very natural hairline that looks great again.

In Paul´s own words, “It has been a long journey for me, going from wigs and old school hair plugs. I had almost lost my faith and thought that I would have to live with this hair for the rest of my life, but Salvar and the hair transplant team at the Malaga Clinic helped me through it every step of the way, not to mention the fantastic team of assistants that took care of me during the surgery in Spain. I can´t thank you enough for restoring my hair, appearance and self confidence”

Paul Oliver Before Hair Transplant Repair

Paul before his hair transplant with Vinci Hair Clinic – no apparant hairline, extremely low density and unnatural results.

Paul Oliver Hair Transplant Plug Damage

Here you can see the damage the plug procedure carried out in 1983  had made to the donor area

Paul Oliver Baldness Treatment

Our doctor carefully selects the donor area as well as the hairline and recipent  area to distribute the hair implants, as well as designing the new hairline

Paul Oliver 9 Months After Hair Transplant Procedure

Paul´s hairline today after a reparative hair transplant with Vinci Hair clinic – a very nice mature hairline that is perfectly natural and covers all the damage done by previous plug surgeries.

A case study of hair loss and plug repair