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Hair Transplant Brazil

Vinci Hair Clinic was the first international hair restoration clinic to be founded in Brazil, bringing cutting edge treatments and Northern European standards to South America.

Why Choose Vinci Hair Transplant Brazil?

The treatments do not take place in general hospitals, we have our own surgical hair transplant center in Sao Paulo that has been specifically customized for hair transplant purposes. Only by being able to undertake treatments at our own well equipped facilities and with our own highly skilled team of specialized medical staff, are we able to ensure maximum patient comfort whilst delivering the same outstanding results in Brazil that are standard amongst all our locations worldwide.

In addition to FUT, the gold standard of hair transplants, we also offer FUE hair transplants. Minimally invasive and virtually scar free, FUE is the latest technique of choice when looking for a minimally invasive procedure for a hair transplant.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers the following hair transplant procedures in Brazil: