Body Hair Tranplant - Vinci Hair Transplant

This type of treatment is not a usual way of transplanting hairs to cover a balding or thinning area, but increasingly is becoming an innovative way of achieving a smaller type of hair transplant.

Body Hair Transplant By Vinci Hair ClinicThe Body hair transplant procedure provided by Vinci has been designed to restore hair to areas which are thinning or missing on the chest and abdomen area. The treatment is applied in a variety of different ways including for instance the pubic hair area, axilla, or any other area where hair is desired. The treatment can be used by clients to either thicken where hair is thinner or to promote new hair growth where no hair growing at all.

There are a variety of reasons why clients may choose this treatment. It could be because of a complete lack of hair in a problem area due to genetics, electrolysis, laser hair removal, surgery for scar repair, burns or other types of accidents. We see patients regularly who want to have hair restored and replaced to cover a relatively small area. These desired areas, (i.e. central chest or pubic triangle) are easy to replace hairs on, while some clients desire a thick chest hair covering. This procedure can also be applied to the scalp area to restore or repair receding hairlines.

Body Hairs as Donor Hairs

Another way a body hair transplant can be applied is to actually use body hairs to fill in a small or thinning area on the scalp. These donor hairs are extracted using the FUE procedure, where individual hair grafts are removed and then placed into the area on the scalp as desired. This can be used to compliment or increase density for and exisiting hair transplant, or in certain cases this procedure can be used in a small hair transplant.

Hair Transplant from body hairs.

The hairs can be extracted from any area of the body (in this case the upper shoulder) and planted into the desired balding or thinning area. The procedure is performed in a similar way to a regular FUE hair transplant that a client could have experienced before.

What to Expect From A Body Hair Transplant

The Body Hair Transplant procedure by Vinci Hair Clinic typically involves the harvesting and then placement of hair grafts from the body. This can range from 200 hair grafts to as many as 3,400 one and two hair grafts, (though this is rare in Body Hair Transplant procedures) depending on the quality of the donor area and the desired density. Vinci Hair Clinic uses this technique to cover bald areas depending on the size of the area needing to be covered, the suitability of this can be assessed at one of our free consultations, to give you a realistic guide as to how many hair grafts can be achieved. All consultation at our worldwide clinics are free, and you can see if this treatment is suitable for you. Vinci Hair Clinic offer this treatment at our clinics in the United Kingdom, Spain, Dubai, and Brazil. If you think this treatment is for you, please feel free to contact us today for a free and completely no obligation consultation about this treatment today.