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Berlin Scalp MicroPigmentation Clinic

Vinci Hair Clinic Berlin represents the expansion of our already well-known and long-established group of hair-restoration clinics into Germany. We are specialists in hair restoration, with a global network of clinics offering cutting-edge solutions to common hair-loss issues.

Hair-loss is a concern for many men and women around the world, and at Vinci, we are dedicated to offering the best and most advanced hair-restoration procedures to our clients. We understand that hair-loss can be detrimental to your self-esteem and make you feel less confident about your appearance. Our aim is to provide sufferers of balding, receding hair-line, patchiness relating to alopecia and scarring, with a realistic and natural hair-restoration solution. Vinci’s state of the art treatments combine the latest scientific and medical knowledge, with options including FUT hair transplant, FUT hair transplant and Scalp MicroPigmentation (Micro Scalp Pigmentation).

Our Vinci Hair Clinic in Berlin is conveniently located in the heart of this vibrant and flourishing capital city. Accessible by public transport or by car, our clinic is also a short distance from two major airports :  Schönefeld and Tegel, making Vinci Berlin into an ideal choice both for those living locally and visitors from other countries. Our clinic is well-equipped, comfortable and relaxing, meeting strict standards that are consistent throughout all of our locations. The clinic is staffed by a highly skilled team of hair-restoration experts. To arrange a free, no-obligation hair restoration consultation or book a procedure at Vinci Hair Clinic Berlin, call us on (+49) 030 51066381.

Hair-restoration by Vinci Hair Clinics

At Vinci Hair Clinics, we take pride in offering superior quality hair-restoration treatments, which we design specifically to meet each individual client’s requirements and desired outcome. Our results are outstandingly natural and realistic, and we have thousands of satisfied clients around the world, including celebrities and sports stars. We have been featured in the press, in publications such as Men’s Health and the Daily Mail, and on programmes aired on the BBC and Channel 5. Our hair-restoration treatments include Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) and Vinci FUE and FUT hair transplants.

At Vinci Berlin, you can learn more about all of our hair-restoration procedures and their benefits. Our skilled technical team will analyse your current hair-loss condition and your preferences for hair-restoration, and offer the best advice according to your needs. Our Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure creates the look of a full head of short, cropped or shaved hair, while FUE and FUT hair transplants are used to restore natural hair-growth and allow more extensive styling options.

FUE and FUT Hair Transplants

In the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant procedure, single hairs are removed from the donor area, while in FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) hair transplants, a strip of hairs are transplanted to the area being treated. FUE hair transplants can also be combined with SMP, creating extremely impressive results.

Hair Transplant Berlin

If you are concerned by hair-loss, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Vinci Hair Clinic Berlin today, and arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. Our sympathetic and highly experienced hair-restoration team at the clinic are waiting to help you take your first step on your journey to a new look. Call our Berlin clinic on (+49) 030 51066381 or fill out our online contact form to make your appointment.

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