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Vinci Hair Clinic SydneyOur Hair Transplant Australia centre in Sydney is ideally in the heart of city center. Our Sydney centre is perfectly situated for clients from many areas in Australia. Our international success story makes us the largest and most experienced hair transplant clinic in the world. Every year, we deliver thousands of high quality procedures internationally, helping both men and women to transform their problem hairlines.

We have also recently opened our centre in Melbourne. This enables our clients to access our hair transplant services in more locations across Australia.

We have featured on BBC TV, ITV and in Men’s Health magazine due to our outstanding reputation for consistently delivering high quality, natural looking results.

Vinci Hair Clinic AustraliaThe Sydney centre offers solutions and advice on a complete range of services, including FUT (Strip) hair transplantsFUE hair transplantsEyebrow transplants and the Vinci Max™ Large Hair Transplant.

We hope our experience, size and reputation gives you confidence that our results are truly world class and best in class. If you are concerned about your hair loss, please arrange a free, no obligation consultation with us.

We are based inside the Star Cosmetic Medicine Clinic, Sydney, home to some of Australia’s finest cosmetic surgeons. If it’s more convenient, you can start by filling in our online consultation where we can evaluate your case and give you more information on options and cost, or simply call our friendly team now on: 028 916 6144.