Hair transplant is one of the ways to fight baldness. The FUE hair transplant treatment has become an effective method to solve this problem and improve the quality of life for people with hair loss, let’s review what are the advantages and disadvantages of FUE hair transplant.

FUE hair transplant treatment


  1. No scars in the areaunlike other treatments for baldness, FUE does not leave scars in the area where follicular units are embedded. This allows an aesthetic and natural finish, which is beneficial for those persons with very short hair and can not hide the scars.
  2. Fast healing process – After the FUE hair transplant, scalp must be adapted to the implants, throughout the period of healing. With this technique, this process will be much shorter.
  3. No downtime – Once you have performed the FUE transplant, can resume your daily activities without any problems, because the treatment requires no downtime. So you can exercise or anything else that you do in your daily routine.
  4. Ideal for people at increased risk of scarringPeople who are at increased risk of poor healing, or the creation of scars in general, this technique may be the best option for them, due to its properties and components, which prevent the formation of marks on the scalp. This feature is most common in young, athletic or muscular patients, and people with very tight or flexible scalp.
  5. Useful to repair scars from previous treatmentsThose who have had some bad results with hair treatment, they incurred very visible scars, FUE transplant may use as a method of repair scars on the scalp.
  6. Ideal for tight scalpsSome scalps are very narrow and do not allow the application of other treatments. In these cases, the FUE is an ideal choice for these cases.
  7. Finer hair up to the neckFUE hair transplant is designed to promote the growth of thinner up to the hairline in order to get a more natural look in terms of hair growth.
  8. Growth of hair folliclesThis treatment not only contributes to the growth of hair in the hair area, but encourages the presence of hair on other parts of the body.


  1. Visible long-term healing  – One risk of this type of treatment is that the scars may be visible in the long term. Regardless of the graft is performed with FUE technique or another, people can develop a resistance FUE technique, causing the patient to scar. So if the amount of transplanted follicles is too high, the scars will be visible as small dots.
  2. Requires multiple sessions over a long time period – Since the FUE method involves placing follicles one by one, the process is much more laborious, so sessions are needed with large periods of time for completion. Of course, depending on the patient suffers baldness.
  3. You may need to shave a total areaIn some cases, to practice the transplant procedure, it is necessary that the area is completely shaved so that growth can be made uniformly. Although the end result is much better, it may represent an aesthetic problem for some patients.
Advantages and disadvantages of FUE hair transplant treatment