The so-called popular wisdom offers plenty of useful knowledge for our everyday life. However, it has also led to the circulation of information, which has come to turn into myths. So, various wrong ideas related to hair have spread, which is why we list 10 probably unknown myths about hair.

Given the great wave of rumours and home remedies to care for our hair, it is recommended to go to a specialist in order to clarify any type of doubts and to get to know which procedures really cause damage in scalp hair. Below, we will mention 10 myths about hair, which have been denied or demonstrated in a scientific manner.

About Hair

It is good to brush the hair a hundred times before going to sleep

Generally, it is recommended to brush the hair a hundred times every day before going to bed in order to stimulate the blood supply, maintain the lustre and manage the levels of grease. This is wrong, considering that this practice only leads to hair loss, the reddening of the scalp and the appearance of skin rashes.

The hair is damaged if it is brushed when wet

Although the idea is a bit radical, it has been demonstrated that hair fibres are more fragile when the hair is wet, which is why it is not advisable to brush the hair when it is wet, considering that you run the risk of losing more quantity of hair. If the person wishes to do so, it is recommended to use thick combs with separated teeth.

Natural highlights with beer and sun exposure

It has been mentioned that it is possible to obtain natural highlights if beer is applied to the hair and the hair is exposed to the sun for a certain period of time. It is true that barley produces this effect in the hair. However, exposure to sun is not recommended to have healthy hair.

Combating greasy hair by washing it everyday

It is widely recommended to wash the hair every day to get rid of the grease. This is counter-productive as constant stimulation of scalp produces more grease instead of getting rid of it.

It is beneficial to shave the hair

The idea that cutting the hair completely allows for the growth of stronger hair with more density and thickness has spread among people. However, what happens is that the hair structure is thicker on the roots and finer towards the end, which is why we feel as though we had thicker hair when the hair is growing.

When one grey hair is pulled, two will grow in its place

This is completely wrong. It takes three to five months for hair to grow, regardless of whether it is pigmented or not. What happens is that when one grey hair is pulled, in the time lapse of hair growth, new strands without pigmentation appear and it appears that the amount of grey hair has increased.

Leaving the conditioner for longer time on the hair

When you use the conditioner on the hair for a longer time, the hair can absorb the nutrients in a more complete manner and have the desired appearance. This is clear, as long as the conditioner has the corresponding components.

Hair products can lead to baldness

It is thought that the excessive use of hair products can lead to baldness. This is not entirely true, given that there are various causes of alopecia. What the misuse of hair products can actually cause is the weakening of the hair and allergic reactions on the scalp.

Hair dryers damage the hair

This is true. Indiscriminate use of hair dryers ends up destroying the cuticles that protect the strands of hair, which loses its natural hydration due to exposure to heat. However, this does not mean that you cannot use the hair dryer from time to time.

It is not recommended to sleep with wet hair

The ideal thing to do is dry the hair naturally before going to sleep, given that the more time the hair stays wet, the more are the protective cuticles destroyed and the more the scalp gets irritated.

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10 myths that you didn’t know about hair